Bubble coming

Posted by Bill Gary - Price Perceptions

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Ed Note: Price perceptions via Victor Adair and graciously allowed to publish by Bill Gary, Author.

Governments throughout the world have pumped trillions of dollars into banking systems in an effort to offset the financial crisis of 2008. They have also bailed out ailing industries, initiated protectionist moves, and blatantly promoted competitive devaluations in an effort to escape deflationary economic forces. These unprecedented actions are viewed as having saved the global financial system.

However, economic growth is lagging well behind progress in financial markets. Because economic growth has not fully responded to massive liquidity injections, governments are looking at additional stimulus measures. Some recent measures appear excessive and are re-igniting speculative fever and rebuilding bubbles. The following items point to bubble building:

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Bill majored in Financial Management at Southern Illinois University and has attended advanced seminars on linear programming and econometrics as they relate to commodity pricing. He began his commodity career as a corn buyer in 1959 for a large milling firm in central Illinois. In four years as a corn buyer and two years as Director of Hedging Operations, he gained invaluable experience in both the cash and futures markets.

Following six years experience in the cash and futures markets, Bill joined the internationally respected research firm, Longstreet, Abbott & Company as a feed grain analyst. As a market researcher, he studied the LACO method of market analysis, designed hedging programs for some of America’s top milling firms, and authored feed grain columns for two major farm publications. 

Bill moved to Dallas in 1967 and became partner in a regional brokerage firm. In 1968, he developed Commodity Information Systems (CIS), as an advisory service for the agricultural and brokerage industries. Over the years, CIS has gained an international reputation for long term commodity price forecasting.

In 1978, Bill became Regional Commodity Manager and Vice-President of E.F. Hutton & Company. He was elected to E. F. Hutton’s Director’s Advisory Council in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Bill devoted full time to developing new research methods and expanding services of CIS from the mid-Eighties until the early Nineties. In 1991, he joined Prudential Securities Inc. as a Senior Vice President and was elected to the Chairman’s Council in 1995, 1996 and 1997. Since 1999, Bill has devoted his time to expanding CIS market research. 

Bill has been featured in Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Pro-Farmer, The Farm Journal, Business Week, US News and World Report and other publications. He has also been featured in books such as Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, Schwager on Futures by Jack Schwager, and Master Brokers by John Walsh.

“I personally invite you to find out for yourself why so many serious traders depend on CIS for their technical and fundamental research.”

-Bill Gary