British Columbia Gold Rush

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In an interview with the Financial Post last week, the founder of Barrick Gold Corp. (TSE: BAR), the world’s biggest gold miner said, “the future of gold mining likely lies in mixed-metal mines.”  Peter Munk, the company’s chairman, further noted that “Gold finds are becoming more and more difficult right now. What most large companies do now is look for mixed-metal mines, where gold is a part of other metals and other minerals.”  Although Barrick does not have any current exposure to development projects or mine production in British Columbia, there are a number of interesting properties in B.C. which can provide mixed metal exposure right in the Toronto-based company’s proverbial back yard.
British Columbia’s mining industry reported pre-tax net earnings of $2.3 billion during 2009 in spite of the worldwide economic slowdown, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report…..

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