BMW And The Transformation Of Society

Posted by Bodo Albrecht via Kitco

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Editor’s Note: The demand for new gadgets like smartphones, tablet computers and even electric cars is generating a lot of interest in the tech metals industry. This relatively new group of metals and minerals is a combination of precious metals and rare earth elements. Kitco News sees the need for reliable information about this growing commodities sector. For this reason Kitco has partnered up with Bodo Albrecht an independent analyst with 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry. Stay tuned for this weekly new feature on! Tech Metals Insider – one more reason to come to world’s premier gold site.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness aren’t necessarily the first words that come to the minds of many when thinking about BMW, famous maker of “the ultimate driving machine.”

Driven largely by the values of some of the company’s biggest shareholders, BMW entered a path of sustainability many years ago; the company’s efforts are beginning to show in a big way and are impacting the technical metals industry, as seen in their latest reaction.

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