Bank of Nova Scotia: “We’re richer than you think”

Posted by Maclean's Magazine

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Recently, in a movie theatre in downtown Toronto, the audience was suffering through the pre-movie ads when a familiar message from Scotiabank flashed on the screen: “You’re richer than you think.” That’s when one heckler loudly offered, “Not anymore!” and the theatre erupted in laughter. It turns out that was one of the tamer responses to the ad, which is playing to mocking audiences in Cineplex theatres across the country. In Vancouver, where condo prices are crashing, the ad has been met by obscenities and even the hurling of soft drinks.

Now that the Canadian Air Farce is also making jokes, as the author of the line “We’re richer than you think”, the Bank of Nova Scotia is backing away from the slogan. Since translated it probably means “You Have Equity In Your House” a situation now under seige in Vancouver and other Canadian cities, The BNS in its most recent ads is trying out  a new line “Make the most of what you have.” In a recent investment ad the old line is buried deeply at the bottom of a big block of text.