Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – Central Banks Smashed Gold

Posted by King World News

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Today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News that central banks were definitely behind the smash in the gold price yesterday.   He also said people should ignore it and continue buying gold and silver.  But first, here is what Hugo Salinas Price had to say when asked about the plunge in gold yesterday:  “I definitely think the central banks were behind it.  I look at the graph of the gold price yesterday and when it collapses down $100 in about an hour, that is not natural market action.  I think people are getting used to this.  This is standard procedure and it doesn’t worry me at all.”

Hugo Salinas Price continues:

“The paper money people (central bankers), the fiat money people all over the world who are keeping us in this game, they are now in retreat.  What you saw yesterday was a ‘Rear guard action.’  In reality, the gold and silver forces are overcoming them and overrunning them.

The gold and silver buyers are forcing a higher exchange rate between let’s say the US dollar and gold and silver.  So every once in a while they mount an attack and fend off the army of gold and silver buyers.”

“If I saw the price declining little by little, day after day, that would be a worrisome signal.  That would mean the market is not anxious to acquire more gold or silver, but that’s not the case.”

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