Another huge error in carbon cycle assumptions


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If you can’t explain the ‘pause’, you can’t explain the cause…

New paper finds another huge error in carbon cycle assumptions equivalent to 30 years of man-made emissions

…another huge error in the global carbon cycle assumptions used by carbon cycle models such as the highly-flawed IPCC Bern model and as the basis for other models including climate and ocean ‘acidification’ models. The authors “provide estimates of the climate benefits due to CO2 fertilization of the terrestrial biosphere,” finding, “enhanced vegetation growth [from CO2 fertilization] over that period reduced atmospheric CO2 concentration by 85 ppm below what it would have been without that effect, thereby avoiding approximately 0.3°C of warming. This represents a dramatic shift of the carbon budget, by more than 250 billion tons of carbon–more than 30 years of emissions at current rates.”

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