Where’s the Beef

09/24/2020 6:24 AM

Normally throne speeches are long on generalities and short on specifics but these are not normal times and we were promised lot...

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Today’s Best Money Making Ideas

Is your pick-up truck holding you back from retirement?

09/24/2020 7:53 AM

  The Wall Street Journal recently shared the story of a couple who is struggling because the pandemic has upended their income and job situation. To make matters worse, they’re dealing with a massive amount of consumer debt: The Denton, Texas, couple pay $4,400 a...

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Schachter’s Eye on Energy – Sept. 23rd

09/23/2020 10:20 AM

Josef notes that US oil production fell 200Kb/d last week due to renewed hurricane activity and declining WTI crude prices. And predicts a decline below US$30/b for WTI is likely during Q4/20. Each week Josef Schachter will give you his insights into global events,...

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$VIX Uprising

09/23/2020 8:42 AM

As long time readers know I’m a big fan of $VIX (Volatility Index) technical structures and compression patterns. Often dismissed as non chartable I think we’ve successfully to put that argument to bed a long time ago. Recently in “Key Charts” I again outlined the...

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New emoji approved for 2020

09/23/2020 8:10 AM

This year has been hard. Wildfire smoke has engulfed the West Coast, hundreds of thousands are dead from an ongoing pandemic, and the US government is deadlocked to the point of illegitimacy, incapable of taking action against the economic, political, ecological, and...

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Condo Market Hits Highest Inventory in Past 5 Years

09/22/2020 1:53 PM

Historic government stimulus and mortgage deferrals not to mention the eviction ban has held prices buoyant in the intermediate, these stimuli’s are all coming to an end. Eitel Insights does not believe prices will hold their current level as the months continue to...

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