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Inflation? Mike says don’t forget who’s the big winner. Respect for our farmers – Mike talks with Dickson Delorme aka Quick Dick McDick from his farm in Saskatchewan. On the energy file, Josef Schachter on why natural gas rules the world. Plus vaccine mandate opponents worst fears are realized in the goofy. CLICK to hear this week's show.
For decades the tried and true technique for those protecting the status quo in healthcare. To the detriment of the 11,581 patients in Canada died in 2020-21 while waiting for treatment.
Michael Campbell
"Excellent interview" - Paula M "Wonderfully informative for an urban dweller like me" - Jason T "Great idea to bypass the political BS and ask the people who actually farm." Rasheed R. Mike talks with Dickson Delorme aka @QuickDickMcDick from his farm in Saskatchewan. Click to listen.
What Is ESG Investing: The Truth About Sustainable Investing. Great insights from Neil McIver and his team. Click to watch.
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