2016 WOFC VIP Kit

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VIP kit items for our World Outlook VIP guests and subscribers are listed below. Please check back as we complete the kit.

Two FREE subscription bonuses from Ozzie Jurock’s

1) 8 Weeks of the weekly Facts by E-mail.The Facts by Email is a weekly real estate email newsletter containing: Feature stories on International, National, USA, Western Canadian real estate; Independent Analysis

2) 8 Weeks of the Hotline updated regularly by Ozzie Jurock, the Hotline provides a layer of international and national news, real estate information and personal comments. As a sort of “this is the week that was” it keeps the phone-in listeners abreast of the important issues. Not limited to real estate Ozzie discusses world events, stock markets, interest rates and vital issues affecting real estate values.

To subscribe CLICK HERE or paste this url in your browser – https://jurock.com/wofc-vip-signup/

If you have any difficulty please contact Max Jurock at max@jurock.com

Greg Weldon’s Global Macro Report + trial subscription

To initiate your complimentary 30 Day trial for Weldon Live please email Katelyn Ellis directly at katelyn.ellis@gmail.com

Global Macro Report (PDF)

Weldon LIVE Global Macro Report Video

Ryan Irvine’s 2016 Breakthrough Small Cap report

Keystone Special Report for your VIP Outlook Clients:

  • Full updates and BUY/SELL/HOLD advice on 15 unique Dividend paying and dividend growing Canadian stocks from KeyStone’s Income Stock Research portfolios.
  • Market commentary including our current thoughts on the Canadian economy, energy prices, interest rates, the U.S. economy, and global economy.
  • A review of our all 5 new recommendations in our Income (Dividend) stock research for 2015 – all of which produces positive gains in a down market with an average return of 19.2%.
  • Investment Strategies for 2016 & Beyond – including how to invest in a “business like” manner, how to effectively layer into positions, diversify by sector and geography, and how to execute a focused diversification strategy.

Click here to download the report