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Posted by Mark Leibovit - VRTrader

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Ed Note: This is the general stock commentary on Marks Daily VRTrader more specifc commentary on Stocks is contained in his daily letter, not shown here.  Mark on track to be the Timer’s Digest #1 Stock Market Timer of the year in 2011 so far, an award he’s won previously. Mark Leibovit is currently ranked the TIMER DIGEST  #1 U.S. Gold Timer. To sign up for the Leibovit VR Gold Letter go to  www.vrgoldletter.com. For stocks, Gold and Bonds with VRTrader go HERE.

‘Turnaround Tuesday’ had minimal impact to the current uptrend when you usually come to expect at least a one-day reversal of a trend – in this case a push lower which did not materialize. Today is Pearl Harbor day -as we all know a ‘day of infamy’, according to FDR. It is also ‘Weird Wollie Wednesday’. “Weird Wollie Wednesday”, created by Don Wolanchuk, references the Wednesday prior to options expiration. The observation made by Wolanchuk stipulates that this day is made up of manipulated price action which is primarily related to the faster deterioration of options premiums during the week prior to options expiration; many traders are rebalancing and rolling their options forward. Using WWW as a guide, it is not uncommon to see strong moves down in the market place on the Wednesday prior to options expiration week. Like ‘Turnaround Tuesday’, nothing is carved in stone.

As you know, there is a big European summit Friday and now the talk is that they will not just print 400 billion of whatever but 900 billion.

 My sources that the real number is closer to 25 trillion. Hardly a dent and even so the sheer size of the bailouts needed will ultimately lead to the demise of European fiat currencies and the likely breakup of the Euro. Perhaps only the strong ones will survive or perhaps countries will go back and print their own sovereign currencies and be able to rob Peter to pay Paul the way we do it here in the good old U.S.A. Like the U.S.A, the people who are attempting to fix the problem (the Timothy Geithner who is in Europe this week) are the ones who caused the problem. It’s like having a thief teach morals to school children. There is also talk that the ECB is going to lower its interest rate, which currently stands at 1.25%. Such a move will make the ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Wall Street crowd along with CNBC real happy. What it really means, of course, is that the ECB is trying to prevent ‘Eurogeddon’ and it ain’t good news at all! According to the New York Times yesterday, “A rate cut in Australia and lowered economic growth estimates by the Asian Development Bank on Tuesday highlighted the extent to which the economic woes of Europe and the United States are spilling over into this part of the world.” That said, the ‘Santa Claus’ rally begin in early December and it appears it may still have a ways to run. I’m hoping for a correction to get back long (for a trade), but may not play ball this time around if we don’t get that pullback.


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